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HB 1152 

Relating to the state share of oil and gas tax allocations; to provide an effective date; and to declare an emergency. 

The flow of oil and gas revenue into the various state funds.

Watch Passed House 86-4  (Emergency carried)

HB 1166

Relating to the removal of triggered oil extraction tax rate changes;. Affects agreement with Tribes

eliminates high price trigger($90) (amended)  

watch-amended Passed House 76-15 PASSED SENATE 33-12

HB 1168 

Relating to restricting compensation and travel reimbursement for public employees for attendance at legislative meetings. 

To restrict public employees from legislative meetings.

Oppose Failed 5-86

HB 1172 

Relating to development of a four-lane highway for portions of United States highway 52. 

4 lane part of Hwy 52 

Support Failed 28-64 

HB 1176 

Relating to covering a load in a vehicle and fee for a violation.  

covered gravel trucks 

Watch - Failed 14-76 

HB 1188 

Relating to disclosure of known radon hazards. 

Building code must require radon resistant construction 

Watch Failed 15-76

HB 1191 

Relating to loans for political subdivisions. 

Clarifies signature requirements for loans 

Support - Passed House 89-0  PASSED SENATE 45-0 Governor Signed

HB 1224 

Relating to a sales and use tax exemption for purchases made by a contractor, subcontractor, or builder on behalf of an exempt entity; to amend and reenact section 57-40.2-03.3 of the NDCC

eliminate use tax on contactors for exempt entities ($44M fiscal note) 

Support Failed 13-77 

HB 1244 

Relating to the authority of boards of county commissioners to approve the exercise of the power of quick take eminent domain by water resource boards; and to amend and reenact subsection 2 of section 61-16.1-09 of NDCC

Quick take by WRB 

Watch Passed House 87-2

HB 1255 

Relating to the creation of a large truck primary highway network. 

129,000lbs. on US routes - could increase competition for short line RR 

WATCH - Passed House 92-0-2 3/27 rerefered S Trans

HB 1258 

Relating to extraterritorial zoning and subdivision authority; and to repeal sections 40-47-01.1, 40-48-18, 40-51.2-02.1, 40-51.2-02.2, and 61-35-26.3 of the NDCC, relating to extraterritorial zoning and subdivision

Eliminate extra territorial zoning 

Support Failed 17-68 

HB 1276 

Relating to a limitation on property tax increases by taxing districts without voter approval; and to provide an effective date. 

limits levy increase to 3% if not voted 

Oppose Failed 2-88

HB 1285 

Relating to an optional residential property tax freeze for owners who are disabled or age sixty-five or older; and to provide an effective date. 

tax freeze for disabled or 65+ 

Oppose - Failed 23-70 

HB 1298 

prohibiting counties, cities, and townships from contracting with lobbyists; to amend and reenact section 54-05.1-02 of the NDCC,

prohibits gov subs from contracting lobbyist 

Oppose Failed 8-83

HB 1311 

Relating to the amount of statutory fees for littering on the highway; and to provide a penalty. 

$1,000 fine for littering (amendment $500) 

Support Passed House 55-37 PASSED SENATE 40-6 Governor Signed

HB 1320 

Relating to a uniform truck permitting system for oversized or overweight vehicles; and to provide a penalty.  

Uniform load permiting  (3 friendly amendments)  

Support Passed House 90-0 PASSED SENATE 45-0-2

HB 1321 

Relating to weight limitations and the movement of agricultural products during harvest. 

ammendment limits to farm and hired by farmer trucks. Will amemdment stand conference?

WATCH Passed House 53-38 Senate Amended

HB 1322 

Relating to township bonding authority; and to declare an emergency. 

Township Special Assessment Districts can bond debt.  (Emergency clause) (E-failed)

Support Passsed House 54-32 PASSED SENATE 47-0

HB 1331 

Relating to inspection of septic systems; and to provide an effective date. 

Provides for state inspection of sewage systems 

Watch - Failed 10-79

HB 1339 

Relating to notice, appeals, and refunds of special assessments. 

Ammended now workable

watch Passed House 79-13 PASSED SENATE 46-1

HB 1345 

Relating to open record and meeting laws; and amend and reenact subsection

some clarification of requirements 

Watch - Passed House 91-0 PASSED SENATE 47-0

HB 1355 

A BILL for an Act to provide for a legislative management study of political subdivision funding mechanisms for transportation infrastructure projects. 

Calls for a study of new funding for transportation. -  I guess they don't want to know

Support - Failed 36-57

HB 1361 

Relating to limitations of property tax levies by taxing districts without voter approval; and to provide an effective date. 

levy caps 

Oppose - Passed House 56-34

HB 1368 

Relating to county board of equalization appeals of state board of equalization proceedings. 

County may challenge State Board of Equalization in district court 

Support - Failed 44-47

HB 1390 

a limitation on county authority and subsurface drains on land that qualifies for prevented planting insurance coverage;

limitation on county authority   ammended improved

Oppose Passed House 79-11

HB 1393 

Relating to assessments by water resource districts. 

would prevent any new assessment drains

Oppose Failed 12-79-3

HB 1410 

Relating to filings required for lobbyists; to amend and reenact subsection 1 of section 54-05.1-02, and sections 54-05.1-03 and 54-05.1-04 of the NDCC, relating to lobbyist disclosure

Lobbyist filings 

Watch Failed  17-75

HB 1416 

Relating to the definition of cleaning out and repairing of drain. 

Limits drain cleaning 

WATCH Failed 8-82

HB 1421 

Relating to township assessors. (amended)

training requirement does not apply if twp tax income under $50,000 

Support   Failed 43-49

HB 1430 

Relating to failure to maintain control of a motor vehicle,to fees for a moving violation and the use of a wireless communication device while driving

expands distracted driving rules

Watch Passed House 67-23 PASSED SENATE 37-9 Governor Signed

SB 2012 

A BILL for an Act to provide an appropriation for defraying the expenses of the department of transportation; and to provide for a transfer. 

DOT budget 

Support Passed Senate 35-10 3/2 10:00 & 2:00

SB 2013 

A BILL for an Act to provide an appropriation for defraying the expenses of the commissioner of university and school lands;

Impact Grants? 

Watch Passed Senate 45-0

SB 2020 

A BILL for an Act to provide an appropriation for defraying the expenses of the North Dakota state university extension service, northern crops institute, upper great plains transportation institute,

UGPTI budget 

Support Passed Senate 43-2

SB 2045 

Relating to voluntary settlement of extraordinary road use fee charges and proceeds of sale deposited with the state treasurer; to provide an effective date; and to declare an emergency. 

Ext Road Use Fees (over weight/size) go to owner of road. Bill makes permanent. 

Support - Passed Senate 45-0  Do Pass 13-1

SB 2047 

Relating to the authority of water resource boards to exercise the power of quick take eminent domain. 

Quick take by WRB  amended

Watch - Passed Senate 38-7  do pass 13-0-1

SB 2120 

Relating to the definition for public contracts. 

definition for public contracts. 

Watch - Passed Senate 46-0  PASSED HOUSE 93-1 Governor Signed

SB 2146 

Relating to public improvement bid and bond thresholds. 

Bid threshold raised to $150,000 

Watch - Passed Senate 44-0 PASSED HOUSE 91-0  Governor Signed

SB 2156 

Relating to disposal of radioactive waste material. 

Radio Active Waste requires county permit to even explore for waste site. 

Support - Passed Senate 45-0 

SB 2165 

Relating to resignations from elected positions. 

Resignations of officers 

Watch - Passed Senate 44-0  PASSED HOUSE 91-0-3 Governor Signed

SB 2167 

Relating to the adoption of central standard time; and to repeal section 40-01-20 of the North Dakota Century Code, relating to daylight saving time. 

CST bill (whole state) 

Watch Failed 11-33

SB 2168 

Relating to public improvements. 

public improvement bid requirements 

Watch - Passed Senate 46-0 PASSED HOUSE 93-0

SB 2190 

Relating to bid requirements for public improvements. 

bid requirements for public improvements (not likely to apply to twp) 

Watch Passed Senate 27-19 Failed 17-74

SB 2205 

Relating to compensation of township elections workers. 

Twp Election Workers compensation (our bill) 

SUPPORT - Passed Senate 46-0  PASSED HOUSE 91-0-3 Governor Signed

SB 2206 

Relating to the transition of funding responsibility for county social services from the counties to the state

Moves Social Service Funding to State, replaces the 12%.

Support Passed Senate 43-2-2 H. F&T 3/15

SB 2236 

Relating to the pipeline restoration and reclamation oversight program and records of program participants. 

Pipe line restoration. - ID's of recipients is exempt record  

Watch  Passed Senate 45-1 PASSED HOUSE 80-11 Governor Signed

SB 2255 

Relating to bill introduction limits. 

Legislator limited to 7 bills 

Watch Failed 6-40

SB 2257 

Relating to extraterritorial zoning. 

Cuts ETZ in half 

SUPPORT Failed 9-36-2

SB 2262 

Relating to fertilizer regulation by cities, counties, or townships. 

Protects farmers right to use fertilizer (amended)

Watch - Passed Senate 44-1  PASSED HOUSE 82-11

SB 2263 

Relating to subsurface drainage permits. 

Amended version not so many concerns

Watch Passed Senate 42-3 H. Ag. 3/16

SB 2268 

Relating to injuries to highways; and to provide a penalty. 

injuries to highways

SUPPORT - Passed Senate 45-0  House FAILED 46-46

SB 2273 

Relating to fees charged by the county director of tax equalization. 

$25 fee per parcel for information to non-owner 

Watch Passed Senate 45-0  rerefered H. F&T 3/14

SB 2278 

Relating to the obstruction of a highway. 

Obstruction Bill, district may charge individual or apply to taxes.(our bill)*(improved by house amendment) 

SUPPORT - Passed Senate 42-3 PASSED HOUSE 66-27

SB 2286 

Relating to energy conversion and transmission facility siting. 

PSC would overrule twp and county zoning..AMENDED - better

AMENDED Passed Senate 40-6-1 do pass 13-0-1

SB 2288 

Relating to a consolidated taxpayer notice containing estimated property tax levies and budget hearing information

One tax notice for all entities sent out by county (House amended)

Support Passed Senate 46-0 PASSED HOUSE 77-14

SB 2313 

wind energy restoration and reclamation oversight program creation and duration of wind energy easements, and exclusion areas for wind energy conversion facilities

Unruh-Cook anti-wind bill- AMENDED - OK

AMENDED Passed Senate 36-9 Passed House 60-32

SB 2314 

Relating to energy rates and resources and renewable energy production.

Unruh-Cook anti-wind bill- AMENDED

amended Passed Senate 42-4 H. E&NR 3/16

SB 2326 

Relating to the authority of home rule counties and cities to levy certain taxes. 

no city or county sales tax on fuels 

Support - Passed Senate 28-17 PASSED HOUSE 77-14

SB 2327 

Relating to the creation of the department of environmental quality and the transfer of duties and responsibilities of the state department of health relating to environmental quality to the department of environmental quality

creation of the department of environmental quality (149 page bill) 

Watch  Passed Senate 27-17 H. E&NR 3/3 & 3/10

SB 2341 

Relating to requiring mud flaps on certain vehicles; to amend and reenact sections 39-06.1-09 and 39-21-44.1 of the North Dakota Century Code, relating to moving violations and preventing sifting or leaking loads

mud flaps and secured loads 

Watch Passed Senate 39-6  Failed 19-72






NDTOA Lobbyist and Director of  Governmental Relations, Larry Syverson


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