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North Dakota is now an Associate Member of NATaT
By Larry Syverson

In 2017 The National Association of Towns and Townships offered NDTOA an opportunity to become an associate member at a much reduced cost. While this is a non-voting membership, the NDTOA Board of Directors felt that we can trust the NATaT Board to advance rural interests which should be quite similar to ours. The NDTOA Board of Directors will review this arrangement each December before renewing for another year.

What does North Dakota get out of this? We get the NATaT Weekly Legislative Update, which includes the Congressional Outlook, the planned actions for the coming week; and also the Week in Review which outlines the actions of the past week. More importantly, we also get to have input at NATaT Board meetings and during the frequent conference calls. They ask “How will this affect North Dakota?” or “Do you have any concerns about this?” So, what do we get? Simply put, we get included in the discussions.

What does NATaT get out of North Dakota being members? For one thing, when they are advocating for an issue important to rural America we are one more state they can list in support. Also when NATaT is seeking signers or supporters for a bill they stand a better chance of getting the North Dakota congressional delegation to join in because we are listed as members.

Washington is not that much different than Bismarck in this one respect, there are not all that many of us on the rural side of things; we have to stick together and work together.





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