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NATaT Membership

NATaT is proud to represent the following organizations:

  • Association of Towns of the State of New York
  • Michigan Townships Association
  • Minnesota Association of Townships
  • North Dakota Township Officers Association
  • Ohio Township Association
  • Pennsylvania State Association of Township Supervisors
  • Township Officials of Illinois
  • Wisconsin Towns Association

Are We Members?

The purpose of the National Association of Towns and Townships (NATaT) is to strengthen the effectiveness of town and township government by educating lawmakers and public policy officials about how small-town governments operate and by advocating policies on their behalf in Washington, DC.

Membership in NATaT is determined at the state level. Your community is a NATaT member if you are affiliated with any of the Statewide Town / Township Associations.
The NATaT’s valuable membership benefits include:

  • Lobbying for Grassroots Governments in Washington, DC:
    Regulations and mandates developed in Washington, DC are often excessive, costly, and burdensome to smaller communities. NATaT works to ensure that lawmakers and Federal agencies take into consideration the resources and capacities of smaller governments during the development phases of the rules and legislation. NATaT has been instrumental in getting legislation passed to ensure that Federal agencies involve grassroots governments in the regulatory process.
  • NATaT’s Weekly Legislative Updates:
    Each Monday, NATaT sends a “Week in Review” report congressional and federal agency action of of interest to NATaT members. Also included in that email is an outlook of what to expect in Congress that week and a detailed list of relevant congressional hearings.
  • NATaT’s Email Legislative Alerts:
    NATaT’s email legislative alerts keep you informed of legislative action that requires a timely grassroots response.
  • Access to NATaT staff That Can Answer Your Many Questions: Membership in NATaT affords you access to a staff that is knowledgeable and experienced on a wide variety of topics and issues of concern to smaller local governments.

For more information about membership in the NATaT, contact Jennifer Imo, Federal Director at (202) 331-8500 or jimo@tfgnet.com.

Website: http://www.natat.org/

Click on: PDF of NATaT Federal Policy






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