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Feb.3, 2016
Local Roadway Signing-101
Williston at the Williams County Highway Dept.
Registrations Deadline – January 27, 2016
Click here for PDF
For information: http://www.ndltap.org/events/view.php?id=406 

Course Description

  • MUTCD basics
  • Low volume road departures
  • Sign color, shape & size
  • Sign hierarchy
  • Components of roadway
  • Vertical & lateral clearance of signs
  • Sign offsets
  • Sign support & bases
  • Clear zones
  • Sign inventory
  • Sign condition assessment
  • Sign policy
  • Retroreflectivity


Jon Mill graduated from Montana State University in 1970. Mill worked for NDDOT in the Valley City District for 11 years as a construction engineer. He is a Professional Engineer and a Professional Land Surveyor. Mill was the Burleigh County Highway Engineer for 29 years, and was a contractor with NDDOT on the 2009 Emergency Relief Flood Damage Inspection.

Target Audience

Maintenance technicians, supervisors for local units of government, and county commissioners.


There is a $25 registration fee.

Denise Brown
NDLTAP Training Coordinator
515 ½ E Broadway, Suite 101
Bismarck, ND 58501
701-328-9856 (O) 701-220-0101 (M) 701-328-9866 (F)


Nov 1, 2015 - Township Road Needs Survey Form - click here to open form

The 2015 township road needs survey was sent out to all township supervisors, attached is a copy of the survey form, along with the cover letter. The deadline is Nov 1, 2015, however, if you are late, please submit as soon as possible. We will be promoting this during the December, 2015 annual meeting, the next newsletter and the final push in the workshops.

Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute, UGPTI, hosted a webinar to help the counties complete their Needs Study Survey. Attached is the presentation/info and below is the webinar recording link:
http://www.instantpresenter.com/tlnlearn/EB56D7878047  While the township survey is a trimmed down version of the county survey, the webinar is a great way for township officials to understand how to complete the survey. Alan’s review of the survey data starts at 8:30 min and runs through 23:40 min. You may want to skip through the intro and get to the meat of the webinar. The info will also be posted on the NDLTAP/UGPTI website



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