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The North Dakota Township Officers Association (NDTOA) serves 6000 locally elected township officers from 1534 townships from across North Dakota.

NDTOA usually hosts a series of spring township officer workshops in February of non-legislative session years.  These are the even numbered years.   These mid winter educational and informative meetings will also feature updates to the green township handbook.

North Dakota Township Officers 2018 Workshops
No registration fee for dues paid Townships!

If your Township paid the dues last year, 2017, there is no registration fee for this workshop. Treasurer Barb says that almost every township that pays through their county organization is paid. (However the dues have not come in from Burke, Divide or Griggs Counties, hopefully those will be in soon.) The registration fee will also be waived for County Auditors and Commissioners in recognition of the valuable service they provide for the Townships.
If your Township has never paid dues, or it has been a while since it paid dues, come on in to a workshop anyway, get the latest handbook update and we can talk about going forward, working together, and we won’t worry about the past.
Since there will not be any significant revenue generated some of the workshops have been moved to different locations to reduce the cost, so pay attention to the locations listed in your area. We have also asked the county associations, where the workshops are held to find sponsors for the coffee and cookies, again to keep costs down.
The NDTOA educational workshops are for all North Dakota Township Officers. The new 2018 Edition of the Township Officers Handbook update will be distributed at these workshops; this new edition includes the law changes that came out of the 2017 Legislative Session. So please bring your handbook along to get the update.
These workshops bring the NDTOA crew to association members at locations and times which should allow the members to drive to a session and return home within a day. Each workshop lasts about two hours and they are scheduled during the first and fourth weeks of February. The itinerary is listed below.
The agenda will include a report from President Roger Olafson on association activities.
Larry Syverson, Executive Secretary and Lobbyist for the NDTOA, will introduce the new handbook and review the law changes that relate to townships.
Mark Verke, Risk Management Specialist of the North Dakota Insurance Reserve Fund will focus on section line issues.
Tom Moe, our Country Lawyer, will hold an open forum on the legal responsibilities of Township Officers; he will also continue the discussion on section line issues, fences and section line law. So bring your section line and fence line questions to the workshop near you.
This educational workshop is for all township officers and it qualifies as a paid meeting day for you; the expenses such as travel are legally acceptable expenses for reimbursement from your township general fund.


February 5 Newburg – Senior Citizens Hall: 1-3 PM
February 5 Minot – North Central Research Center, 5400 Hwy 83 S: 7-9 PM
February 6 Stanley – Fairgrounds - Community Hall: 1-3 PM
February 6 Williston – Williams Co, Hwy Dept.; 5218 141st Ave NW: 7-9 PM
February 7 Bowman – Bowman Lodge & Convention, 207 US-12: 1-3 PM (MST)
February 7 Regent – The Enchanted Castle: 7-9 PM (MST)
February 8 Steele – Vets Club: 1-3 PM
February 26 Larimore – American Legion Club: 1-3 PM
February 27 Park River – City Hall: 1-3 PM
February 27 Langdon – Courthouse - meeting room: 7-9PM
February 28 Devils Lake – Courthouse - basement meeting room: 1-3 PM
February 28 Jamestown – Legacy Place, 419 5th St NE (Lower West Door): 7-9 PM
March 1 Lisbon – Veterans Home “Town Hall”, 1600 Veterans Drive: 1-3 PM
March 1 Tower City –Community Hall, 507 Broadway St: 7-9 PM
March 2 Fessenden – Fairgrounds – Festival Hall: 9:30 – 11:30 AM





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