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If you have general questions or need assistance troubleshooting, please contact Julie Brandvold email: Phone: 701-758-2456 or Tim Geinert email: Phone: 701-320-6120


Are there updates to do monthly?

No, there has been very few updates since the software was developed. Updates all depend on the Microsoft and Computer updates.

Clerk/Treasurers: Are You Using the Annual Township Ledger Report (ALTR) Software?

ATLR software is designed by Marty Visto to be used in place of the paper reports that are sent from your county auditor.

The software needs to be purchased by individual counties. Each county needs a designated support person. The cost of the software depends on how many townships are in each county.

For initial sales ONLY, please contact Marty at

I have so many questions, where do I find the answers?

Everything you need to know about ATLR is in the manual, you can either view it online or run a copy to make notes on.

Is the ATLR Software difficult to install?

 If you follow the manual closely, starting on page 22, it will walk you through the full process. Take your time and answer all questions to set the software up correctly.

Is there a manual that comes with the software?

Yes, the workbook, manual, and change log, come with each purchase.

My computer keeps locking up or is slow?

Make sure you do all the updates on your computer before opening the software. This will make the ATLR software run smoothly.

What is the cost to purchase the software?

Individual townships cannot purchase the software. Counties or County Associations can purchase ATLR software and either sell or give to each township.

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