Township Infrastructure Fund Distributions link

Often referred to as "Operation Prairie Dog" (HB 1066, 2019 Session), it will distribute equal amounts to each congressional township in non-oil-producing counties*. (Note some civil townships consist of more than one congressional township). Distributions are made once per biennium IF the oil & gas tax collections have been sufficient for money to flow into the fund. Prairie Dog paid out $9,160.53 per township in 2023 but did not pay out in 2021; the next potential payout will be in 2025. Click the link above for the report of payments to each township grouped by county.

"Non-oil-producing county" means a county that received no allocation of funding or a total allocation of less than five million dollars under subsection 2 of section 57 - 51 - 15 in the most recently completed even-numbered fiscal year before the start of each biennium.

NDCC 57-51.1-07.8. County and township infrastructure fund - Continuing appropriation - State treasurer - Reports.