Township Funding

There are two tax levy options for Townships that need more funding:

Click here for 57-15- 20.1 Gives the procedure that townships need to follow to increase their annual mill levy cap by 100% (from 18 mills to 36 mills) for up to five years to invest more in their road infrastructure needs and services.

Click here for 57-15-19.7 Townships facing emergency road expenses such as flood damage and washouts may set an unlimited emergency levy for up to five years with a special election,


State Funding for Townships

The dues-funded lobbying efforts of NDTOA have resulted in state money coming to townships; follow the links on this page to see how the different programs worked and what they provided.

These funds benefit organized and unorganized townships alike. The funds are paid to the county for the unorganized townships and are to be used to benefit unorganized township roads. 

In recognition of the importance of NDTOA efforts, nine counties pay NDTOA dues for their unorganized townships. The rest leave it to others to pay their way for them.