Annual Meeting - Convention 2009

Dec 6 - Dec 8 Gladstone Inn
111 2nd St NE
Jamestown, North Dakota

December, 2009
Dec 6 - Board of Directors Meeting, Jamestown
Dec 7 - State Convention and Annual Meeting of North Dakota Township Officers Association.

     Gladstone Inn, 111 2nd ST NE, Jamestown ND.
     Room reservations, Gladstone Inn - (701) 252-0700 - Ask for township officer's state rate when making your reservation
Dec 8 - Convention workshop - How to Run an Annual Township Meeting and When to Hold It
Dec 8 - Board of Directors Meeting, Jamestown

Convention Agenda:

7:30 A.M. Registration - Gladstone Inn, 111 2nd ST NE, Jamestown ND
8:30 A.M. Welcome /Introductions
     Loren Ingebretsen, President, Minnesota Assn of Townships
     Rules of Operation
9:00 A.M. Greg Wilz, Director, ND Homeland Security
10:00 A.M. Dave Levi, Manager, NDLTAP / UGPTI
     Click here for sign reflectivity presentation
10:45 A.M. Cory Fong, ND Tax Commissioner
11:15 A.M. Margaret LeClair,CEO, LeClair Insurance Corp.
12:00 Noon Lunch
     Grassroots Government Leadership Award
1:00 P.M. Business Meeting
     Call to Order by President Kerry Schorsch
     Reading of the Minutes by Executive Secretary Ken Yantes
     Treasurers Report by Barb Knutson
     President’s Report by Kerry Schorsch
     Executive Secretary’s Report by Ken Yantes
     Attorney’s Report by Thomas R. Moe
     NATaT Director Report by Ken Yantes
     Committee Reports:
     Workshop 2010 by Tom Moe
     Audit by Larry Syverson
     Budget by Kerry Schorsch
     Old Business
     New Business: Final Budget Actions
     Elections Directors, Districts 1,3,4 and 5, President / Vice President
5:30 P.M. Adjournment
6:30 P.M. Banquet
     Legislator of the Year Award


8:30 A.M. Workship - Attorney Tom Moe
     How to Run an Annual Township Meeting and When to Hold It

Remember, if you are a township officer this meeting is for you, whether you are a supervisor, clerk, assessor, treasurer or any other officer of your township.