Annual Township Ledger Report

ATLR “Annual Township Ledger Reports (ATLR)” is a software solution that combines a bankbook-style financial register with numerous reports specifically created to aid in the annual reporting requirements of North Dakota townships. NDTOA encourages all Townships to use ATLR. NDTOA does not sell the ATLR nor benefit from the sale of the software. The only goals are to help townships file accurate reports so they can do a proper budget and provide for the necessary care of the road network, and to make the clerk and treasurer jobs less tedious.

While there is other software for maintaining the checkbook ledger, or it can be done by hand, and there are fillable PDF report forms that will do some of the calculations or that can also be done by hand, the ATLR does all of that with one step for each transaction. Enter a check when it is issued or a deposit when it is made, and it will be included in: the checkbook ledger, the Treasurer’s Statement, the Summary Sheet, and the Budget forms for the next year, all with one entry for each item. The math is done right, and the reports are readable. Want copies for each person at the meeting, just print more from the program, no scanning or running to a copy machine.

A note for those who use fillable PDFs to make the reports: some forms do the calculations, but please check them with a calculator. At times the calculations on fillable PDFs do not operate correctly, and errors can result. Experience with these errors is why NDTOA endorses the ATLR over other methods.

ATLR utilizes the spreadsheet program Microsoft Excel to provide the formatting interface for the reports, along with the calculations required. In providing for the best usability of the software, numerous custom features and error-checking procedures have been programmed into the standard Microsoft Excel interface.

Requirements: Computer with a Windows (not Mac) operating system. Microsoft Excel (or Office) versions 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, and 365; Excel versions prior to 2007 and Excel for Macintosh versions are not supported.

The software is only available as a county package, and the cost is based on the number of organized townships in the county. This is because the county package is locked, so it will only work for the townships listed in that county. Currently, the cost is $50 per organized township in the county.

The ATLR can be purchased by the county itself or a County Township Officer’s Association could also purchase it. Each county can handle the purchase of the program differently. We have seen some counties purchase the program and then give it to the townships; other counties have purchased the program and then sold it to each township. The same with CTOA, some have purchased for the township’s others have purchased and sold back to the townships.

There needs to be a support person for each county to answer any questions from the townships. There are also two people offering software support at NDTOA. Please go to the ATLR Help tab for more information about support.

ATLR Help and Frequently Asked Questions