NDTOA 51st Annual Meeting and Convention
Dec 4th & 5th 2017
Ramada Inn Bismarck, ND

Monday December 4th
7:30AM Registration - (Heritage Ballroom)
8:30AM Opening Ceremonies - President Roger Olafson - Welcome & Introductions
8:45AM Wayne Stenehjem, ND Attorney General
9:05AM Tom Sorel, ND DOT Director
9:35AM Kelly Schmidt, ND State Treasurer - Township funds and website
10:00AM ND Lieutenant Governor Brent Sanford
10:40AM Mike Dwyer, ND Water Law - Changes to tile drainage law
11:15AM Al Jaeger, ND Secretary of State - Election Law
12:00PM Awards Luncheon - (Assembly Room) - Grassroots Government Leadership Award presentation
1:00PM Business Meeting - (Heritage Ballroom)

  • Call to Order
  • Roll of Counties Present
  • Rules of Operation
  • Consideration of Printed Minutes
  • Treasurer’s Report - Barb Knutson
  • President’s Report - Roger Olafson
  • Executive Secretary’s Report - Larry Syverson
  • Audit Committee Report - Larry Syverson
  • Budget Committee Report - Roger Olafson
  • Act on Proposed Budget
  • Old Business:
  • New Business:
  • Resolutions - Steve Ginsbach
  • Elections :
    • Constitutional Amendment
    • President & Vice President
    • Directors for Districts 1, 3 and 5
  • Adjournment

5:00PM No Host Social - (Assembly Room)

6:00PM Banquet - (Assembly Room)
President Roger Olafson & Larry Syverson, Director of Intergovernmental Relations - Legislator of the Year
Cal Klewin - Theodore Roosevelt Expressway, Hwy 85 Corridor, Ports to Plains Alliance

Tuesday December 5th

7:30AM Registration - (Heritage Ballroom)

8:30AM Opening - Roger Olafson

8:35AM NDLTAP: Denise Brown - Training opportunities
Leanna Emmer - Truck weight calculator
Dale Heglund - Bridges

9:30AM Ron Ness, ND Petroleum Council - Regulations and Fees for oil rigs on township roads

10:10AM Thomas Moe - NDTOA Attorneys report and discussions

11:00 AM WDEA Geoff Simon - Uniform Load Permitting (HB 1320), PSC Energy Siting (SB2296)
Janet Sanford - LoadPass - truck permit system
Brent Bogar - LoadPass enhancements and state-wide expansion plans
Tim Horner - UGPTI - Big truck legislation

12:00PM Adjournment

Remember, if you are a township officer this meeting is for you, whether you are a supervisor, clerk, assessor, treasurer or any other officer of your township.