NDTOA 48th Annual Meeting Agenda
Ramada Inn Bismarck, ND
December 1st & 2nd, 2014

Agenda for 12-01-14

7:30-8:30 AM Registration
8:30 AM President Roger Olafson-Welcome, Opening ceremonies, Introductions

8:45 AM Francis Schwindt-Gravel road maintenance

9:15 AM Kathy Neset-Neset Consulting Tioga, ND

9:45 AM Denise Brown and Dale Heglund-NDLTAP

10:30 AM Steve Spilde-ND Insurance Reserve Fund

11:00 AM Governor Jack Dalrymple

11:30 AM Al Jaeger-ND Secretary of State

12:00 AM Lunch and Grassroots Government Leadership Award presentation-Mark Shipley

1:00 PM Business meeting:
     a. Call to order/Rules of operation/Roll of Counties present
     b. Minutes of previous meeting-Ken Yantes
     c. Treasurers report-Barb Knutson
     d. Presidents annual report-Roger Olafson
     e. Executive Secretarys annual report-Ken Yantes
     f. Audit committee report-Larry Syverson
     g. Budget committee report-Roger Olafson
     h. Legal counsel report-Tom Moe
     i. NATaT report-Loren Ingebretsen
Old business:
New business:
     a. Act on proposed budget-Roger Olafson
     b. Act on proposed Constitution and By-Law changes-Ken Yantes
     c. Resolutions session-Steve Ginsbach
     d. Elections-Districts 2, 4, & 6-Al Bekkerus
     e. Other business

5:00 PM Adjourn-No host social

6:00 PM Banquet-speaker Grant Levi Director of ND DOT-Legislator of the Year Award
Agenda for 12-02-14
8:30 AM Ulteig Engineering

9:00 AM ND Treasurer Kelly Schmidt and ND Director of Finance Ryan Skor will explain funding to townships from the state treasurers office and importance of road mileage reports.

10:15 AM Terry Traynor-ND Assoc. of Counties Assistant Director of Policy & Programs-Future funding needs study and proposed special funding for political subdivisions.

Remember, if you are a township officer this meeting is for you, whether you are a supervisor, clerk, assessor, treasurer or any other officer of your township