Grant Programs


Township Assistance Program - (TAP) Grants

This program was set up to use up the ten million dollars that went unused from the Township Transportation Funding Program (from 2021) because the required federal matches never materialized. TAP funding is limited to ten million, and the program will end in mid-2025. Many applications that have been received will not qualify as they don't meet the requirements; of those that do meet the criteria, the committee will need to prioritize those that make the greatest impact on the area transportation network.

Unsuccessful applications could be revised to be resubmitted under the FTFP grant program, which was just launched.


Flexible Transportation Fund Program - (FTFP) Grants

NDDOT has now launched the FTFP Grant Program. The deadline for applying for this round is December 31, 2023, however, this will be a continuing program, if your township can't get an application in by the deadline, there will be more opportunities sometime later.  FTFP Grants will be a continuing program with a much larger fund availability. Townships will still need to apply through their county, but the GRIT system will not be used for this program. The links to the FTFP program and more information can be found on the FTFP page.