NDTOA 46th Annual Meeting - Convention 2012
December 3 & 4, 2012

46th Annual Convention and Meeting of the North Dakota Township Officers Association
Bismarck Doublewood Inn, Best Western 1400 Interchange AV, Bismarck ND. 701-258-7000

Agenda for December 3, 2012

7:30 AM Registration
8:30AM Welcome - Larry Syverson
     Loren Ingebretsen President 
     Minnesota Assn. of Townships
9:00 AM Greg Wilz
     Director of ND Homeland Security and ND Emergency Services
10:00 AM Francis Ziegler - Director or ND DOT
11:00 AM Gerry Fisher
     Assistant Director of of the Energy Infrastructure and Impact Office
11:15 AM Steve Spilde - CEO of NDIRF
11:30 AM Terry Traynor - ND Assn. of Counties
11:45 AM Dennis Lindahl - Hess Oil Corporation
12 Noon Lunch
     Grassroots Government Leadership Award
1:00 PM Business Meeting
     Call to Order - President Syverson
     Rules of Operation/Roll of Townships
     Executive Secretary Ken Yantes
     Reading of Minutes - Ken Yantes
     Treasurers Report - Barb Knutson
     Presidents Report - Larry Syverson
     Executive Secretary's Report - ACIR - Ken Yantes
     Legal Counsel - Tom Moe
     Audit Committee - Larry Syverson
     Budget Committee - Larry Syverson
     Old Business
     New Business - Final budget Actions and By-Law Proposals
     Elections - Directors for 2 -- 4 -- 6
5:30 PM Adjournment
6:30 PM Banquet
     Legislator of the Year Award
     Richard Stadelman, Executive Director of Wisconsin Towns Association
     Agenda for December 4, 2012
8:30 AM Al Jaeger, ND Secretary of State
9:00 AM Mary Kelsh
     Assistant ND Attorney General

Remember, if you are a township officer this meeting is for you, whether you are a supervisor, clerk, assessor, treasurer or any other officer of your township.