The annual fee for membership in the association shall be $125.00 per year per township in counties with a county organization and $130.00 per year per township in counties without a county organization. All dues shall be paid by May 1 and if unpaid shall become delinquent on October 1. A township shall be ineligible to vote at the Annual Meeting of the Association if dues are not paid by October 31 or may be allowed to vote at the discretion of the Association President.

Your annual dues go to support:

  • Lobbying effort and expense during the legislative process
  • Ongoing defense of the allocation to townships of 2.7% of the Highway Users Tax Fund
  • Officers and Board of Directors expense
  • Executive Secretary position
  • Township workshop expense
  • Township Manual Updates
  • Annual Convention expense
  • General assistance and advice to townships

Click here for the form to authorize your County auditor to withhold township annual dues from township tax allocation and forward to The North Dakota Township Officers Association.